About Sylphkiss

SylphKiss is a New York based cosmetic company that specializes in providing an exceptional range of beauty products.

Created in early 2017, Sylphkiss believes that every person should have the opportunity to feel beautiful and stay confident. We understand that there is not enough time in the day to take care of your skin, but we strive to change that notion. That is why we promise to continue creating affordable, easy-to-use, skin-care products. Every day should feel a little brighter and you should never have to feel like there is no time for your own salon day.

Mission Statement

Finding that perfect balance between Health and Beauty allows one to feel beautiful on the outside and comfortable on the inside. With this mindset, we only deliver products that revitalize your skin and energize your confidence. We want you to look as radiant as you feel. Allow us to assist you in unleashing all of your natural beauty.