Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I reuse a single sheet mask?

Although there is no serious harm in doing so, sheet masks are designed for one-time use. Each mask should be used as directed, then thrown away.

How often can I use a sheet mask?

We recommend using sheet masks twice a week. They are a great boost in your routine skin care, but using them too frequently can have adverse effects. Since the ingredients in sheet masks are more condensed than the products used in daily skin care, the masks can irritate your skin if used every day.

Is it okay to fall asleep with the mask on my face?

When the mask is left on for too long, and it becomes dry, then it is actually taking moisture from your face. You should avoid leaving it on for longer than 20 minutes.

Should I moisturize after using a sheet mask?

Most of our sheet masks contain many moisturizing ingredients, so it shouldn’t be necessary to apply additional moisturizer. However, it is completely up to you, and if you feel that your skin is still dry afterwards, feel free to apply the moisturizer of your choosing.

How can I make my sheet mask most effective?

For best results, make sure your face is thoroughly cleansed before applying the mask. Also, since the ingredients will be better absorbed if there are less dead skin cells, exfoliating regularly will also help your skin absorb the mask’s essence.